The freezer is one of modern day's greatest inventions. The ability to preserve and prep food for later is monumental in decreasing our food waste as well as our daily workload.

We've come up with a few ideas below to use with both of our Everyday and XL Ice Cube Trays. What are some of your suggestions?  We would love to hear!

1. Leftover herbs to pop out and use at a moment's notice⁠

2. Squeeze and freeze your lemons and limes before they go sour⁠

3. Leftover coffee for tomorrow's iced latte without diluting your drink⁠

4. Coconut or almond milk to put in your iced coffee or blend into your smoothies

5. Ginger juice to add to sparkling water and lemon drinks⁠

6. Your favorite stock for future soups⁠

7. Baby food

8. Leftover pasta sauce or tomato paste

9. XL ice cubes for your favorite cocktail as seen below

10. Dress up your cocktail with fruit filled cubes like pomegranate



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