Here at PFHK, we are so excited that zero-waste periods have increasingly become more and more popular, especially in these last few months.  And how do we know that they have?  Because our menstrual cups and reusable pads have increasingly become more and more in demand!  Hooray!

If you haven't made the leap yet, but are curious to learn more about ways to make your cycle completely waste-free, keep reading and check out Bianca's personal experiences below.  Thanks!

THE MENSTRUAL CUP: This product is perhaps the best invention I have come across in years. It has drastically changed both my life and the lives of some of my closest friends, for the better. I can definitely tell you that as a first-time user, it may take some time getting used to, but everyone is different and I can only speak from my own perspective. I'm not going to beat around the bush and avoid the negatives, but if you stick with me you'll understand why I adore it.

For me, it took about three cycles before I could say I knew what I was doing and was comfortable with it. The first two months I was still using pads because I was inserting the cup incorrectly (now I know the appropriate method). Also, it really hurt to remove the cup because I was attempting to pull it out as a whole cup without accurately squishing it into a smaller and more manageable shape. And similarly to using a tampon for the first time, it can feel awkward, but once you master it, its very easy to use.  

Additionally, I have become much more comfortable with my body and myself.  To be honest, it can be a very bloody experience, since the cup collects blood that you must then dump into a sink, down a drain, or into the toilet bowl, before reinserting for another couple of hours. But, after about seven months of use now, I am having no troubles with it whatsoever; I never wear pads or any other absorbents. Amazingly, the cup lasts longer than any pad or tampon I've used in the past.  The cups (depending on which size you buy) are meant to last between 8-12 hours without needing to be taken out. The one I use has, and will continue to, save me money, and of course reduce my plastic footprint! Here at PFHK, we sell the Lunette Cup.  After lots and lots of research, we feel confident that this is the best one on the market!  Check out our stock HERE.

REUSABLE PADS: Check out this online resource of different plastic-free pads (including ratings). At PFHK, our favorite line is GladRags, because they are 100% plastic-free using only natural materials and their products are comfortable and effective.  We currently have pantyliners, day pads and night pads in stock, which you can check out HERE.

ABSORBENT UNDERWEAR: Check out Thinx. I've never tried these but some of my friends have, and love it! I would recommend you read various reviews of them online, and buy only one pair to start with, if this is an option you think you want to explore.

TAMPONS: See Natracare or Sustain Natural, who, although do not make plastic-free female hygiene products, do make products that are both carcinogen-free and better for you and the environment! Sustain Natural is raved about by the likes of zero waste gurus such as Lauren Singer, from Trash is for Tossers.

Thanks so much for reading and please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

January 21, 2018 — Bianca Banks

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