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Eyelash Curler<br> Ere Perez
Eyelash Curler<br> Ere Perez
Eyelash Curler<br> Ere Perez

Eyelash Curler
Ere Perez


Get your best lashes with this innovative curler. Features hypoallergenic white silicone rubber that gently presses your lashes and chrome curve to minimize pulling and pinching.            

Product Info

• Made with nickel, chrome and silicone rubber

• Nickel is a highly resistant material that can cope with extremes in temperature and environmental factors

• Chrome is known to resist tarnishing, making it a resilient and useful material that increases the lifespan of metal products

• Silicone rubber withstands high and low temperatures, making it a very durable, flexible and resilient material that will not breakdown or erode quickly

• Always curl lashes before applying mascara

• Sold in a recycled cardboard box + 1 spare silicone rubber piece


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